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Info in English

If you are interested to start with AIKIDO in Groningen or you have a question concerning our website you can contact us by phone:

(+31) 50 5719594

you can also send us an email at infomail@jiriki.nl or antwoord@jiriki.nl

You can find some more relevant and understandable information on some of the other pages:

The place and the address where we train (link:onze dojo). And you'll find here the maps about the precise location. If you come by car, you can park easily.

Do not take the main entrence at Merwedestraat 45, but walk a little back towards nr.43, after twenty meters go left through the gate, keep walking, up the stairs and you will get in the Dojo.

The time schedule of the different trainings (under:trainingstijden). As a beginner you'll probably start with a course first: Tuesday 9.00 - 10.30 p.m. The courses has 10 lessons and the price is € 90 for these 10 lessons. The course always starts with a free open lesson, followed by the ten you pay for..

If the course is well underway or there is none at the moment , then contact us for the possibilities to come train with us.


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